Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

Sponsoring a class or school is already possible from 250 Euro

Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

You can give her 1 year of clean drinking water for just 10 Euro!

Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

You can make the difference. Clean drinking water improves their prospect


The main aim of Waterpas Foundation is to raise money to be able to supply as many schools, orphanages and hospitals in and around Mombassa with clean healthy drinking water. Clean drinking water is essential for every human being! Unfortunately this is not available for everyone. By supplying children with clean healthy drinking water they can grow and learn. This will optimize their chances to build a prosperous future.

Or, as the headmistress of Jambo Jipya school in Mombassa said:

“This water is a gift from heaven. I am an educated nurse, and the children in my school used to be ill very frequently: Typhus, Diphtheria and all kind of stomach problems. Since we get clean drinking water sponsored through fundraising of Waterpas Foundation they are very healthy; they can concentrate much better and the school results have improved dramatically” 

Possibilities to help

For just 3 Eurocent you already sponsor one litre of clean drinking water! For 10 Euro you can give a one-year heatlhy water supply to a child, thereby improving its development. Sponsoring a class is possible for 250 Euro per year, or you can adopt a school or orphanage. See “What you can do”.

Dutch Water Limited

Waterpas Foundation has originated from the excellent company Dutch Water Limited (DWL), to which it is still affiliated. Founded by 2 idealistic Dutch entrepreneurs, DWL aims to produce healthy drinking water as cheap as possible and to sell it for the lowest possible price to the people of Mombassa. At this moment, the Kenyan population is already benefiting from this clean drinking water, and, in addition, over 100 people have been employed by DWL. For more information: Dutch Water.


We are happy with all our sponsors, including foundations, Lions and Rotary clubs, many companies and individuals. Do you want to help us with fundraising? Or are you searching for a charity to sponsor? Please contact us at


The Waterpas Foundation is ANBI approved. Gifts are tax deductable in The Netherlands

The activities concentrate around the Mombasa area

IBAN: NL80 RABO 0154 8091 60